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Drone Deployed at Brooklyn Three-Alarm Blaze

Fire in a one-story 100x100 commercial structure.

Using Thermal Imaging in Environmental Conditions

What kind of factors can a cold climate have on interpreting what your TI is telling you?

Thermal Image Capture

Several applications for DVR use come to mind from prevention, investigation, training, and fireground operations.

Nashville Bombing Reveals Vulnerable Voice, Data Networks

Nashville bombing led to communications outages over hundreds of miles in the southern U.S.

Is Your Department Business Intelligent?

For a fire department, internal data covers all the functional areas and their capabilities to serve internally and externally, such as human resources, fire operations, inspections, safety, finance, and so on.

Dräger Releases X-site Live

The X-site Live is the first industry kit of its kind to offer both gas and radiation detection, as well as FirstNet integration.

Think Strategic Deployment During Fire Attack

Fire departments that have a strategic and tactical TI deployment plan in place will be much more successful using the TI during fire attack.

CARES Act Funds Help Idaho Fire Department Purchase Radios

Moscow Volunteer Fire Department to purchase 104 portable radios.

Let’s Talk Thermal Imaging

Challenge everything. Confusion and misunderstanding can lead to disastrous results.

LAFD Uses Robot to Fight a Commercial Structure Fire

Firefighting robot RS3 fought a fire in Los Angeles’ textile district shortly after being placed in service.


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