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Missouri Firefighters Rescue Horse Trapped in Icy Pond

Molly was slid onto a Sked and then moved into a horse trailer for transport.

Vancouver Firefighters Rescue Driver Trapped in Freight Elevator

Extrication work inside a dealership elevator.

Bayonne Firefighters Rescue Lift Operator in Industrial Accident

Lift moving shipping containers fell over trapping operator.

Jacksonville Firefighters Describe Bridge Rescue

Rope rescue off the Dames Point Bridge.

FDNY Responds to Unstable Crane at Brooklyn High-Rise

Part of crane became unstable at a 31-story building.

Rope Rescue Saves Florida Man in Crash

Jacksonville Captain Orelli is lowered down on ropes to rescue a driver who crashed into the St. Johns River.

Minnesota Firefighters Rescue 26 Fishermen Trapped on Ice Floe on Lake Superior

Duluth Fire Department got a call from a resident who saw ice shanties floating away.

Trailer Falls, Pinning Man Inside Truck at Oklahoma City Scrap Yard

Trailer filled with scrap parts fell on top of a pickup truck, pinning the driver inside.

Four Dead, Four Injured in Utah Avalanche

Search and rescue teams from several agencies are involved in recovery work.

Over 60 Rescued from Ice Floes Adrift on Wisconsin Bay

Ice boats and helicopters were used to bring the people who were ice fishing to safety.


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