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Syracuse Firefighters Rescue Child Trapped in Vending Machine

No injuries in odd rescue at Destiny USA in Syracuse.

Photo Gallery: San Diego Technical Rescue Training

San Diego firefighters underwent 24 hours of classroom and hands-on training provided by the Riverside Fire Department on equine rescue lifting.

One Dead, Eight Hurt in Explosion at Columbus Paint Plant

Columbus firefighters find the body of a worker inside the collapse debris at a paint plant explosion.

LAFD Uses Tiller in Cliff Rescue

Los Angeles firefighters use a tiller in a technical rescue, recovery operation.

Video: Truck Hanging Off Idaho Bridge

Emergency crews saved two people after their pickup truck plunged off a bridge.

Idaho Rescuers Save Two in Truck Dangling Over Gorge

The pickup truck plunged off a bridge, leaving them dangling above a deep gorge.

Field Amputation at Oklahoma Industrial Site

Firefighters had to call in a surgeon who amputated the worker's arm near the shoulder in order to free him from the conveyor belt.

Worker Killed in Collapse at Cambridge Parking Garage

One worker was killed, and another critically injured in a collapse at a Cambridge, Massachusetts parking garage.

Ice Rescue Training in Pennsylvania

Ice rescue training at Moraine State Park in Pennsylvania.

Michigan Firefighters Rescue Farmer Trapped in Grain Bin

Firefighters also brought flat bread crates from a local deli for rescuers to lower into the bin and walk on.


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