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Stress, Distress, and PTSD: Recognizing and Reaching Out

March 4, 2021: The common elements of career dissipation, including burnout, stress, long-term career planning and prevention of occurrences – like divorce and drug and alcohol abuse.

Rescuers Save Man Trying to Jump from California Bridge

Rescuers grabbed the man and pulled him to safety.

New Hampshire Official Wants Evaluation of Firefighters’ Mental Health

"There are a lot of other pressures that we haven't experienced before."

Staying In Our Lane

Although firefighters must be there for one another, we ought to leave care to the professionals.

Mother Searches for Answers Behind FDNY EMT Son’s Suicide

Mondello Jr., who shot himself, was one of three EMS workers to die by suicide this year.

Manchester, New Hampshire Firefighter Dies Unexpectedly

20-year member of the department found after family reported him missing on Thursday.

Details Behind New Hampshire Assistant Chief’s Death Creates Change in Funeral for Firefighters

“Any member wishing to attend services in support of the Burns’ family will do so in civilian attire."

Manchester Assistant Chief Investigated for Sexual Assault at Time of Disappearance, Death

Londonderry police were investigating Assistant Chief Brendan Burns the same day his family reported him missing.

House Passes Helping Emergency Responders Overcome (HERO) Act

The Helping Emergency Responders Overcome (HERO) Act will develop peer mental health training programs and resources to educate mental health professionals about the needs of first responders.

St. Paul Fire Department Mourns for Three Fallen Firefighters

Deaths remind others of the mental and physical toll of being a firefighter.


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