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Training Mental Resilience: More Important Than Hose Drills

We are actually already teaching the essence of yoga to our members, but using different terminology.

Safety Stand Down 2021: Rebuild Rehab

This year’s Safety Stand Down will take place June 20-26 and call attention to the need for physical and psychological rehab.

Stress, Distress, and PTSD: Recognizing and Reaching Out

March 4, 2021: The common elements of career dissipation, including burnout, stress, long-term career planning and prevention of occurrences – like divorce and drug and alcohol abuse.

New Hampshire Official Wants Evaluation of Firefighters’ Mental Health

"There are a lot of other pressures that we haven't experienced before."

Staying In Our Lane

Although firefighters must be there for one another, we ought to leave care to the professionals.

Los Angeles County Firefighters Find Gruesome Discovery at Gas Leak

Firefighters find decapitated children while investigating a gas leak.

Mother Searches for Answers Behind FDNY EMT Son’s Suicide

Mondello Jr., who shot himself, was one of three EMS workers to die by suicide this year.

Alabama Fire Chief Speaks on Emotional Toll of Fatal Warehouse Fire

Florence Fire Chief Jeffrey Perkins talks about the difficult warehouse fire and the loss of life.

Therapy Dogs Join L.A. County Fire Department

Echo has already given support to firefighters deployed to the Bobcat Fire.


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