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Safety Stand Down 2021: Rebuild Rehab

This year’s Safety Stand Down will take place June 20-26 and call attention to the need for physical and psychological rehab.

Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shooting Revealed Need for First Responder Training and Support

The chaos left lingering trauma and led local agencies to reexamine the services and preparation available to local rescuers.

North Carolina Firefighters See Progress on PTSD and Safety Bills

Dozens of uniformed firefighters spent Wednesday at the North Carolina General Assembly lobbying for bills to help them and other first responders.

Help is Not Help, Unless it’s Helpful

If you provide a list of resources (digital resource listings, EAP, insurance carriers, hotlines, and the like), vet it first.

Former Delaware Firefighter Blames Job-Related PTSD for Possessing Child Pornography

Attorney told a judge at a plea hearing Wednesday that job-related post-traumatic stress disorder caused Leonetti to fall into pornography “as a way of self-medicating,"

COVID-19 — Mental Fatigue and EMS Resilience

May 18: Multiple stressors are further aggravating mental fatigue and “burnout” among EMS professionals. This session will describe factors impacting the psychological resilience of the EMS workforce and explore strategies to improve the health and wellness of our community.

Straight Talk with Dr. Sara Jahnke

Behavioral health in the fire service, the value and perils of dark humor, lessons for leadership, compassion, and more.

Hey, Chief, Are We Training Them for Failure?

Meeting the minimum standard is not going to keep you and your department out of trouble.

Kansas First Responders Face Limited Help with PTSD

Kansas is one of a shrinking minority of states that doesn't extend workers compensation for post-traumatic stress to first responders.

Detroit to Work with Local Union and IAFF on Drunk Driving

Two incidents of drunk driving while on duty have occurred within the Detroit Fire Department.


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