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IAFC: Fire Department Layoffs and Furloughs Near 1,000; 30,000 Projected

COVID-19 related budget cuts -- in communities large and small — have resulted in the layoff or furlough of at least 935 fire department employees, including front-line firefighters, EMTs & paramedics.

Rural Command

A look at the challenges of rural fireground command in this online training with the Illinois Fire Service Institute.

Pilot Program Trains Pennsylvania Inmates to be Firefighters

Pennsylvania Department of Corrections program could help volunteer fire departments struggling with recruitment.

Celebratory Dinner Cited in Failed Response to Fatal Maryland Fire

"Looking at what the timeframes were, I don’t know if a minute or two minutes would have changed the amount of fire that was coming out of that house,"

Camden Firefighters’ Union Meet Over Possible Layoffs

Firefighters meet to address the possibility of layoffs as a federal staffing grant is scheduled to end in June.

Maryland Department Conducts Staffing Review after Fatal Fire

Prince George’s County fire officials are reviewing staffing after a woman died in a fire where the three closest firehouses failed to respond.

Union Hits at Volunteer Staffing in Fatal Maryland Fire

A fatal fire in Prince George’s County has the union calling attention to volunteer staffing.


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