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Arrival at Grapevine, Texas Apartment Fire

Watch Grapevine firefighters go to work at an apartment fire.

Whitehall, PA Fully-Involved Structure Fire

Pre-arrival video of a commercial structure fire.

Command Cam: Newark, OH Structure Fire

David Decker video of a storage unit fire.

Stockton Engine and Truck, House Fire Views

See the fireground from the views of the second-due engine and first-due truck.

Fire Showing in Tulsa

Engine 3 and Engine 16 on the scene.

Initial Action: Leesburg, VA Structure Fire

Watch as the first engine arrives at this fire on West Market Street.

Los Angeles Garage Row Fire

Engine Company 66 was sent alone on what was dispatched as a rubbish fire.

First-Due with Tulsa Engine 16

Watch as firefighters force entry and attack the fire.

Harrisburg Helmet Cam Split Views

View a row house fire from the perspective of the engine company officer and nozzle firefighter.

Stockton: Fire Attack & Door Control

Be on the line with Engine 12 at this fire.


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