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First-In Challenges

Apartment fire helmet cam video along with a discussion about challenges from the first-in engine company officer.

The Schnitzel Fire

Lessons learned from a commercial structure fire in San Diego.

Photo Gallery: San Diego Technical Rescue Training

San Diego firefighters underwent 24 hours of classroom and hands-on training provided by the Riverside Fire Department on equine rescue lifting.

Three Dead in San Diego Fire, Trapped Behind Security Bars

Firefighters found the bodies of three people near the front of the home after breaking through a front-door security gate.

Three Dead When Driver Strikes San Diego Homeless Camp

A driver plowed through a sidewalk homeless encampment in downtown San Diego, killing three people and injuring six others.

Social Media Shoutout: San Diego Fire Rescue

For more than 126 years, City of San Diego firefighters have kept a vigilant watch over their community.

Thief Steals Equipment from San Diego Firefighters During Fire

Man allegedly climbed into a fire truck and stole a bag of equipment.

NAACP Calls for Culture Changes in San Diego Fire Rescue

NAACP says images and photos inside firehouses are signs of a toxic culture.

Nearly 200 San Diego Fire Rescue Personnel Decline COVID-19 Vaccine

Some firefighters don't feel comfortable being among the first in society to take the vaccine.

San Diego Firefighter Burned, Residents Injured in Blaze

Total of six hurt at Oak Park house fire.


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