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Maryland Firefighters Struck at Crash Scene

“Shortly after arriving on the scene, a second motorcycle drove around the fire engine and entered the original incident scene, striking a total of three fire department personnel."

Webcast: Advancing Protection – PBI® Peak 5, Titanium™, Agility® Tactical

October 27, 2020: See how TenCate Protective Fabrics is engineering products tuned to the specialized wants and needs of real end-users.

Go Down Swinging – The Nathan Espinosa Story

Lessons from a serious injury to a Los Angeles firefighter.

Investigators Look at Door and Hoseline in San Francisco Firefighter’s Death

Investigators are trying to determine whether if door was forced open by the action of the charged hoseline.

USFA: California On-Duty Death

A fatal fall during training in San Francisco.

San Francisco Firefighter/Paramedic Dies After Fall During Training

Cortez fell reportedly approximately three stories while straddling a ladder and balcony.

A Day in the Life of a Safety Officer

Lieutenant Justin Sinnett takes viewers along for a 24 hour shift.

LODD Anniversary: New York Firefighter Killed, Two Others Injured During Live Burn

Deadly results in this live fire training on this day in 2001.

Pasadena, TX Firefighter Pinned Between Apparatus at Apartment Fire

A Pasadena firefighter was hospitalized after being pinned between rigs during an apartment fire.

Fire Shelters: The Last Resort

The current shelter was developed after the deaths of 14 firefighters who were overrun by flames on a Colorado mountain in 1994.


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