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The Roundtable: Training in the New Normal

Here is what some of our readers had to say about the pandemic, training, and education.

The Roundtable: Operational Planning for Economic Hardships

What steps are you taking to prepare operationally for anticipated economic hardships?

The Roundtable: Passing Down Traditions

What in your department's history is valued and passed down?

The Roundtable: Lightweight Wood-Frame Mixed Occupancies

Across America we have been witnessing the construction of lightweight wood frame multiple family mixed occupancy buildings.

The Roundtable: Chimney Fires

Take a look at the replies to this month's question. Add yours if you wish.

The Roundtable: Most Fundamental Fireground Responsibility

See what readers had to say about this month's question.

The Roundtable: 3 Most Important Skill Sets

Opinions from Around the Country Bobby Halton and Bill Carey We are reinitiating the Fire Engineering Roundtable column however it will be online on Fire Engineering and FirefighterNation. We have received a...


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