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Idaho Rescuers Save Two in Truck Dangling Over Gorge

The pickup truck plunged off a bridge, leaving them dangling above a deep gorge.

Fly Away Setup with Rancho Cucamonga Fire Department

This video provides a guideline for fly-away rescue setup.

Jacksonville Firefighters Describe Bridge Rescue

Rope rescue off the Dames Point Bridge.

Rope Rescue Saves Florida Man in Crash

Jacksonville Captain Orelli is lowered down on ropes to rescue a driver who crashed into the St. Johns River.
Los Angeles Fire Department Rescue

USAR Task Force Recovery Operation

Los Angeles firefighters conduct a technical rescue to recover a person who fell off a cliff.

High-Angle Rescue Saves Manhattan Window Washers

FDNY responds to a scaffolding hanging off-level aside a 36-story building in Manhattan.

Video: FDNY High-Angle Rescue

Skyler Fire video of the rescue of two window washers in Manhattan.

Videos: Harlem High-Rise Rescue

Firefighter Brian Quinn said he stayed at the window and tried to calm her down.

Indianapolis Fire Department Rope Rescue Training

Station 7 C went to the Eagle Creek Reservoir to practice an unsupported victim pick-off.


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