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Research: Heat Release Rate Characterization of NFPA 1403 Compliant Training Fuels

While NFPA 1403 provides detail about the types of fuel that can be used, it offers less definitive guidance about the quantity of fuel.
Ryan Lamping, William Carey, Limestone Fire Department, and Samuel Hittle photo

Discussing Fire Research & Fireground Tactics

Changes some departments have made based on previous research.

New UL FSRI Online Training Course Provides Tactical Considerations for Fighting Basement Fires

This course consolidates decades of research and experience from the fireground to provide tactical considerations that can be incorporated into Standard Operating Guidelines (SOGs) to improve both firefighter safety and occupant survivability.

NFPA: Fire Protection Research Foundation Receives Grants to Study Fire Investigator PPE and Transition...

“By evaluating the performance of currently-fielded investigator PPE and decontamination methods, as well as the modern and anticipated issues related to firefighting foam operations, we will not only inform the fire service but the standards development process.”

IAFC Request for Proposal: America Burning Wildland Urban Interface Researcher/Writer

This Request for Proposal (RFP) is for current or retired individuals with extensive experience and knowledge in Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) response, preparedness, mitigation and risk reduction.


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