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Police Body Cam Captures Rescue at Ohio House Fire

Shanafelt can be heard telling the dispatcher that she's trapped in the basement.

St. Paul Firefighters Rescue Three Trapped Inside Abandoned Building

Firefighters rescued three people trapped in a shaft inside the St. Paul Ford Plant.

Rescue at Webster, Massachusetts House Fire

A woman was clinging onto the roof of the house when fire crews got to the scene.

Rescue at Alameda County House Fire

Alameda County sheriff's deputies and firefighters rescued two people from a fire that broke out a single-story residence in San Lorenzo.

Rescue at Fort Worth House Fire

One man was critically injured Tuesday night after being rescued in a house fire in south Fort Worth.

Illinois Fire Chief Seriously Injured in Apartment Fire Bailout

The Beardstown fire chief was seriously injured when he and two other firefighters bailed out of a window during an apartment fire.

Cleveland Firefighters Rescue Child in House Fire

Cleveland firefighters make a rescue during an early Monday morning house fire.

Rescue at Allentown Apartment House Fire

“The fire came in with entrapment,” Christopher said. “So, rescue was [the firefighters’] primary objective. Once that was completed ... we were able to attack the fire and extinguish it rather quickly.”

Wheelchair-Bound Woman Rescued in Florida House Fire

The call came from the 63-year-old homeowner, who is confined to a wheelchair. She reported her bedroom was on fire and she was unable to get out.

Rescue at Two-Alarm Fire in Southeast Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. firefighters rescued a woman from a house fire in Southeast.


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