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One into the House in Paterson, NJ

Paterson firefighters respond to a call for a car in a house.

Photos: Spring, Texas Motel Fire

Multiple rescues at three-alarm blaze.

Rescue and Injuries in Texas Motel Fire

Three children and two adults injured in a fire at a Spring, Texas motel.

A Close Before You Doze Rescue

Fairfax County firefighters describe finding someone during a fire where they were told everyone was out.

Washington, D.C. Firefighters Rescue Man in Apartment Fire

Fire showing when firefighters arrived on 59th Street NE.

Detroit Firefighters Rescue Four People in House Fire

Three people trapped on the second floor and one on the first floor at this Detroit house fire.

Firefighters Rescue Man Trapped in California Brush Fire

Units arriving on scene located a fire burning in thick vegetation with an elderly man surrounded by the flames.

Pregnant & Pinned: Extrication Training

A simulation with a pregnant mannequin that responded and reacted as a human would.

Rescues at Pennsylvania Nursing Home Fire

Roughly 80 residents were evacuated from the building.

San Diego Extrication

His vehicle landed nose down and the victim was trapped.


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