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Rescues at Abandoned Texas Church Fire

Fort Worth firefighters rescue five people during a fire in an abandoned church.

Maryland Firefighters Rescue Two People in Basement Fire

Prince George’s County firefighters rescue two people in a Fort Washington fire.

Firefighter Saved by Worcester Lieutenant in ICU

Firefighter Chris Pace suffered serious injuries and burns in a fire that claimed Worcester Lieutenant Jason Menard.

“Just Doing What I Love” West Virginia Firefighter Recalls Rescue

Pennington Gap firefighter Joseph Stapleton talks about the rescue at a recent apartment fire.

Ropes & Stokes Without a Highpoint

Technical rescue training at Sea-Tac Airport.

Porsche Goes Airborne, Crashes into Second Floor of New Jersey Business

Driver lost control, hit an embankment, and crashed into a Tom Rivers building.

Belleville Firefighters Recall ‘Everyone’s Out’ Rescue

The initial call for the Illinois apartment fire stated that everyone was out of the building.

Searching for the Girlfriend

San Diego firefighters search a storm tunnel for a homeless person after a fire.

Detroit Firefighters, Cops Honored for Apartment Fire Rescues

Firefighters and police officers saved several seniors from their burning apartment building.

Rescue in St. Louis Abandoned House fire

Woman went into the duplex to get warm and may have started the fire.


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