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Detroit Firefighters, Cops Honored for Apartment Fire Rescues

Firefighters and police officers saved several seniors from their burning apartment building.

Rescue in St. Louis Abandoned House fire

Woman went into the duplex to get warm and may have started the fire.

Missing Arizona Fire Chief Found Safe

Uninjured, Morris said he was packed for all possibilities.

SUV Plunges off Indianapolis Parking Garage

SUV falls from fourth floor of parking garage and lands upside down.

Video Captures Rescue at ‘Everyone’s Out’ Apartment Fire

When firefighters arrived on the scene, they were told that no one was inside.

Rescue at Oklahoma City Fire

Rescue over ladder at an afternoon apartment fire in Oklahoma City.

Rescue Along the Passaic

Paterson firefighters use ropes, ladders, and a rescue litter on an EMS call on the bank of the Passaic River.

FDNY Breaches Wall to Rescue Man Stuck in Elevator

He was traveling down from the 10th floor with a smaller man and a washing machine.

One into the House in Paterson, NJ

Paterson firefighters respond to a call for a car in a house.

Photos: Spring, Texas Motel Fire

Multiple rescues at three-alarm blaze.


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