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Rapid Intervention: Don’t Just Stand There

November 4, 2021 | 1 PM EDT

This Webcast analyzes the current training on rescuing down firefighters from a more proactive viewpoint. Included are tasks that can be accomplished by the rapid intervention team (RIT) to “soften up” not just the structure but also the entire scene so that we can access the structure in a more rapid fashion to rescue the firefighter.

Grant Allows Massachusetts Firefighters to Have RIT Training

"I need help! I got separated from my team! I need help!" the voice urges. "My air is low! Hurry, hurry, I need help!"

LODD Anniversary: Ohio Firefighters Killed in Floor Collapse

The homeowner met the engine crew and stated that the fire was in the basement and everyone was out.

What’s Your Deployment Plan?

Deploying four TIs speeds up the entire crew and increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the team.

RIT Activated at Pennsylvania Apartment Fire

Firefighter was injured after being struck by a master stream during an apartment fire.

LODD Anniversary: Firefighters Killed and Injured in Texas Blaze

While dragging Victim #1 toward the exit, the RIT was caught in a flashover.

RIT and Commercial Structure Fires

Toledo firefighter Jake Hoffman presents a discussion about rapid intervention and commercial structure fires.

LODD Anniversary: Philadelphia Lieutenant Killed in Row House Fire Collapse

Fire officer killed in collapse of 1800 era house during a fire in 2018.

Mayday Called in Delaware House Fire

A firefighter is quickly rescued after he falls through the floor and into the basement.

Georgia Firefighter Rescued in Hotel Fire

A rapid intervention team was deployed and rescued the firefighter.


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