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RIT Activated at Pennsylvania Apartment Fire

Firefighter was injured after being struck by a master stream during an apartment fire.

LODD Anniversary: Firefighters Killed and Injured in Texas Blaze

While dragging Victim #1 toward the exit, the RIT was caught in a flashover.

RIT and Commercial Structure Fires

Toledo firefighter Jake Hoffman presents a discussion about rapid intervention and commercial structure fires.

LODD Anniversary: Philadelphia Lieutenant Killed in Row House Fire Collapse

Fire officer killed in collapse of 1800 era house during a fire in 2018.

Mayday Called in Delaware House Fire

A firefighter is quickly rescued after he falls through the floor and into the basement.

Georgia Firefighter Rescued in Hotel Fire

A rapid intervention team was deployed and rescued the firefighter.

Utica, NY Deputy Chief Injured in Collapse

Utica deputy chief is caught in a stairway collapse.

Philadelphia LODD After Action Review, January 6, 2018

Department report on the death of Lieutenant Matthew LeTourneau.

LODD Anniversary: North Carolina Captain Dies, Nine Firefighters Injured in Medical Building Fire

At 1228 hours, dispatch sent two engines, one truck, and a squad company to an automatic fire alarm at a multi-story medical building.

Bellevue, Pennsylvania Five-Alarm Fire

Footage from a fire in Grant Avenue by First Due Photography.


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