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Two Teens Busted in Beatdown of Off-Duty Firefighter in Queens, NY

The 14-year-old and 15-year-old were part of a larger crew who attacked the smoke eater inside Juniper Valley Park in Middle Village on Friday night.

Overloaded Power Strip Caused Queens Eight-Alarm Fire, Injuring 16 Firefighters

An overloaded power strip and an open fire apartment door led to an eight-alarm fire in Queens, New York that injured 16 firefighters.

16 Firefighters Hurt in Queens Eight-Alarm Fire

Watch as firefighters battle fire on the sixth floor and in the cockloft at this Queens apartment building.

Collapse and Mayday at Queens Store Fire

Firefighters were inside the back of a barbershop when the burning ceiling gave way.

Six Firefighters Hurt in Queens Four-Alarm Blaze

The first arriving firefighters reported a fire in the basement of a Queens restaurant quickly spreading throughout the building.

Videos: Queens Two-Alarm Fire and Mayday

Buffs on the scene in Queens at a two-alarm fire for Box 8539.

Mayday at Queens Apartment Fire, Firefighter Seriously Injured

A firefighter was seriously injured in a fall while fighting a house fire in Woodhaven, Queens.

FDNY Responds to Collapse in Queens

A wall and roof collapse, causing a small release of natural gas, at a Best Buy storage facility.

Man Attacked Firefighters at Queens EMS Call, Released Without Bail

Queens man charged and released without bail after attacking two firefighters.

FDNY Battles Five-Alarm Fire at Queens Dollar Store

Heavy fire conditions in a dollar store on Jamaica Avenue.


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