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Former Delaware Firefighter Blames Job-Related PTSD for Possessing Child Pornography

Attorney told a judge at a plea hearing Wednesday that job-related post-traumatic stress disorder caused Leonetti to fall into pornography “as a way of self-medicating,"

Santa Fe Prepares Launch of Alternative Response Unit for Low-Threat 911 Calls

New unit brings police officer, paramedic, behavioral health caseworker, and social worker to mental health calls.

Social Media Shoutout: Memphis Fire Department

MFD pursues excellence through quality geographical coverage, equipment, and staffing levels.

Chicago Firehouses Ordered to Remove Dogs after Attack

A woman was walking her small dog in front of the station when Bones attacked it.

Florida Crew Shows Peer Support is Crucial for Women Firefighters

“It was heart-wrenching to hear another woman say, ‘She doesn’t belong in a firehouse. It must be a girl who needs attention,’”

California Fire Chief Retires, Restoring Department Budget

Stanislaus FPD chief retires after restoring budget and erasing deficit.

Training Teenagers Helps North Carolina Rescue Squad Prepare Future First Responders

Junior program helps the Thomasville Rescue Squad recruit volunteers at an early age.

Taking the Long View

Being everything for everybody is fiscally impossible, and--let's be honest--the fire department doesn't need to try to do it all.

San Francisco Firefighters Volunteer to Patrol Chinatown Streets

Off-duty firefighters and the Asian Firefighters Association patrol streets to prevent attacks.

California Man Questions Firefighters Shopping

Watch as a California man complains about firefighters shopping and learn how to deal with angry citizens.


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