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PIO Eric Hurst (left) and PIO Connor Wist (right).

Colorado PIO Q & A

What made you want to be a PIO and do you like it?
Portland Maine Fire Department

Maine Deputy Chiefs Disciplined for Not Enforcing COVID Mask Policy

Facebook photos lead to questions about COVID-19 mask policy for Portland fire chief.

Virginia Firefighter Acquitted of Assaulting Patient

The man is heard threatening to shoot the firefighter and then spit at him.

New Jersey Fire Chief Faces Lawsuit over Sexual Harassment from Teen Firefighter

“Read saw fit to volley some of the most offensive, desperate, and hypersexualized commentary” toward the victim.

Florida Fire Commissioner Arrested after Mask Ordinance Violation

East Lake commissioner refused to wear mask, identify himself, and comply with officer’s directions.

Officials: San Antonio Fire Chief Violated Policies with Naked Sushi Woman Photo

City policy states that fire department employees “shall not engage in any activity tending to create a negative public perception of the Fire Department.”

Striving for Mediocrity: The Paralyzing Agent of the Fire Service

If your organization has not encountered this shift yet, consider yourself fortunate, but plan accordingly.

Kentucky Fire Departments Become Hotspots to Help Students with Online Learning

Seven departments in Daviess County help students during pandemic.

Los Angeles County Fire Captain Files Lawsuit in Kobe Bryant Crash Photo Investigation

“Imbrenda had an impeccable reputation in the Southern California PIO community with extensive earning potential in his post fire service career,”

Tampa Fire Chief, Division Chief, and Training Officer Suspended

Trio face allegations of misconduct and lack of supervisory oversight associated with misconduct.


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