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Virginia Firefighters Rescue Two in Townhouse Fire

Firefighters located two occupants on an upper floor of the burning townhouse.

Albuquerque Sees a Jump in House Fires in 2021

In the first three months of 2021, seven people have died in fires throughout the city.
National Burn Prevention Day Prevention

National Burn Prevention Day Prevention Resource and Donations Facilitation

Attorney Paul A. Samakow created National Burn Prevention Day for the purpose of being a resource for all who want to learn how to prevent burn injuries.

One Dead in D.C. House Fire

Following the morning's fire, D.C. fire said firefighters would go back to the area to perform smoke alarm checks at neighboring homes and pass out fire prevention literature.

Taking the Long View

Being everything for everybody is fiscally impossible, and--let's be honest--the fire department doesn't need to try to do it all.
National Fire Protection Association logo

NFPA, State Farm Announce Recipients of 2021 Wildfire Community Preparedness Day Project Awards

Thanks to generous support from State Farm, 150 communities across 24 states will receive project funding awards of $500 each to support their wildfire mitigation activities on Preparedness Day.

Oklahoma City Warehouse Rescue Highlights Cost of Homelessness

Rescue of woman points to the increase in the number of homeless people in Oklahoma City.

NFPA Addresses Arc Flash Events in Faces of Fire Campaign

An arc flash is one of the most devastating and deadly electrical hazards present in today’s workplace.

12 Months House Arrest for Defendant in Deadly Ghost Ship Fire

Almena, the master tenant of a warehouse that caught fire during a music event, killing 36 people, was sentenced to 12 years.

NFPA Launches Outthink Wildfire

Initiative aims to eliminate destruction of communities by wildfire by 2050.


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