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We should be handling out gear as though it is riddled with a toxic chemical that comes off on your skin until proven otherwise.

Transparency and Trust in the IAFF

PFAS and other chemicals in firefighter gear, pension and health care issues affecting firefighter retirees, union political endorsements, and more.

Final Recipients Announced for MSA’s and DuPont’s 2020 Globe Gear Giveaway

With this latest round of awards, 121 departments in need have received a total of 559 sets of turnout gear since 2012.

FDNY Shows New Reusable Masks

Department moves out of the supply chain for N95 masks.

Webcast: Advancing Protection – PBI® Peak 5, Titanium™, Agility® Tactical

October 27, 2020: See how TenCate Protective Fabrics is engineering products tuned to the specialized wants and needs of real end-users.

Go Down Swinging – The Nathan Espinosa Story

Lessons from a serious injury to a Los Angeles firefighter.

NFPA: Fire Protection Research Foundation Receives Grants to Study Fire Investigator PPE and Transition...

“By evaluating the performance of currently-fielded investigator PPE and decontamination methods, as well as the modern and anticipated issues related to firefighting foam operations, we will not only inform the fire service but the standards development process.”

Recipients in MO and OK Announced for MSA’s and DuPont’s 2020 Globe Gear Giveaway

In 2020, 13 departments will each receive four new sets of turnout gear and four new helmets to help enhance the safety of their firefighters.

UL FSRI: PPE Study Published in Occupational & Environmental Hygiene

While new PPE designs and the effect of laundering on those fabrics has been evaluated through laboratory testing, there are still concerns around the lack of full garment protection.
Firefighter with PPE holding a hoseline

Researcher Responds to Claims About PFAS, Firefighter PPE

There is a wealth of published evidence out there that PFAS are insidious toxins in many ways, and their use to make turnout gear waterproof should be re- examined.


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