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IAFC Urges Congress to Pass EMS Counts Act

This bill directs the BLS to create new sub-categories within the “Firefighter” employment series to allow respondents to identify as a “Firefighter/EMT” or “Firefighter/Paramedic.” This flexibility will improve the BLS’ tracking of the number of EMS providers in the U.S., regardless of whether they also serve as firefighters.

Texas Chief Apologizes for Fire Truck in “MAGA” Parade

Silsbee citizens say it’s not a matter of which party but that the flags are political.

Washington Firefighters Jump into Mask Debate with Tweet

Response from Spokane County firefighters to a tweet sent by Fox News personality Tomi Lahren garnered national.

IAFC: House Passes Legislation to Protect the Public Safety Communications

Eleven major metropolitan areas and their surrounding regions use the T-band for mission-critical communications and interoperable communications with other agencies.

House Passes Helping Emergency Responders Overcome (HERO) Act

The Helping Emergency Responders Overcome (HERO) Act will develop peer mental health training programs and resources to educate mental health professionals about the needs of first responders.

Pennsylvania Voters to Decide on Future of Paid Firefighters

Larksville residents will vote on paying higher taxes to keep the fire department’s paid firefighters.

Massachusetts Firefighters Union Takes ‘Thin Blue Line’ Flag Across State

Flag in center of Hingham controversy will appear in supporting communities.

‘Thin Blue Line’ Flags Removed from Massachusetts Fire Trucks

Union in Hingham changes to avoid removal in a disrespectful manner.

House Passes Federal Death and Disability Benefits Bill for First Responders Afflicted by COVID-19

“Safeguarding America’s First Responders Act” creates a presumption to treat it as a line of duty incident and provide the payments.


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