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Philadelphia (PA) Nurse Charged with Killing Hospital Co-Worker, Wounding Police

"We have not discovered any hostility between them, or any issues that we can point out."

Nurse Kills Hospital Co-Worker, Later Himself

The gunman fled in a box truck, and officers were alerted to his location near a school.

Man Killed in Brawl Outside Philadelphia (PA) Cheesesteak Spot

The 28-year-old was fatally beaten and two other people were injured in the fight before the suspects fled in an SUV.

Two Dead, Two Injured in West Philadelphia, PA, House Fire

Two people were found dead and two others were injured in a house fire that also damaged four neighboring homes late Monday afternoon.

Video: Gunmen Fire 100 Shots into Fourth of July Party, Killing Two in Philadelphia

Two people were killed after four gunmen fired more than 100 shots into a crowd at a Fourth of July party.

Removing Crashed Philadelphia Fire Engine

Watch the recovery of Philadelphia Fire Department Engine 29 after it crashed into a building.

Audio: Philadelphia Engine 29 into a Building

Four firefighters and a civilian were injured after a fire truck crashed into a building in North Philadelphia.

Five Hurt When Philadelphia Fire Engine Crashes into Building

A Philadelphia fire engine crashes into a building while responding to a house fire.

Grandmother, Children Rescued in Philadelphia Rowhome Fire

A woman and two children were rescued from a fire believed to be arson in Philadelphia’s Bridesburg neighborhood.

Once Believed Cremated, Remains of Philadelphia’s MOVE Victims Located

A day after Philadelphia's health commissioner was forced to resign over the cremation of partial remains belonging to victims of a 1985 bombing of the headquarters of a Black organization, the city now says those remains were never actually destroyed.


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