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PFAS and Firefighter PPE

A discussion about forever chemicals in firefighter PPE and IAFF Resolution 28.

Transparency and Trust in the IAFF

PFAS and other chemicals in firefighter gear, pension and health care issues affecting firefighter retirees, union political endorsements, and more.

Wisconsin Officials Offer Water Quality Standards for PFAS

The chemicals have been used for decades in a range of products, including firefighting foam and stain-resistant sprays.
Firefighter with PPE holding a hoseline

Researcher Responds to Claims About PFAS, Firefighter PPE

There is a wealth of published evidence out there that PFAS are insidious toxins in many ways, and their use to make turnout gear waterproof should be re- examined.

How Chemicals Like PFAS Can Increase Your Risk of Severe COVID-19

Evidence is now emerging for the role that environmental quality plays in people’s susceptibility to COVID-19 and their risk of dying from it.

USFA: The Hidden Dangers in Firefighting Foam

Personnel at departments that use firefighting AFFFs with PFAS/PFOA/PFOS should practice the following controls to stay safe from exposure.

Wisconsin Lawmakers Introduce Sweeping PFAS Pollution Bill

The chemicals have been used for decades in a range of products, including firefighting foam, non-stick cookware, fast food wrappers and stain-resistant sprays.

New Tests Uncover Toxic PFAS Chemicals in Drinking Water in Dozens of Cities

The group's findings showed PFAS chemicals turned up in the drinking water in more than 40 locations.

Wisconsin Lawmakers Approve Firefighting Foam Restrictions

Firefighting foam containing intentionally added PFAS would generally be prohibited except in emergency fire situations.

Wisconsin Lawmakers Scheduled to Adopt Firefighting Foam Restrictions

New restrictions on the use of firefighting foam containing chemicals known as PFAS to reduce soil and water contamination.


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