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Millions Endure Record Cold Without Power

The weather also threatened to affect the nation's COVID-19 vaccination effort.

Structure Burn at Portland Homeless Camps as People Try to Keep Warm

Efforts to stay warm and dry while camping led to at least two fires.

Firefighters, Deputies Recover Body of Woman Missing in Oregon Landslide

Moore's SUV was buried under about 15 feet of mud, rock and trees.

Rescuers Search for Woman Missing in Oregon Landslide

Searchers believe her car came to rest under 15 feet of mud and debris.

Salem, Oregon Fire Boat Sinks During Training

No firefighters were injured in the incident.

Oregon Firefighter in Narcotics Theft Investigation Resigns

Corvallis firefighter allegedly stole from ambulance supplies.

Homeless Person Dies in Tent Fire in Portland

Fatal fire highlights the plight of the homeless in Portland.

Baby Yoda Boosts Spirits on Western Wildfire Lines

“You could instantly see everyone perk up a little bit, some smiles came on some straight faces and it was a different day,”

Three Dead in Salem, Oregon Hostage Situation

“As the incident unfolded, shots were fired," and multiple people including the suspect died.


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