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Oklahoma City (OK) Firefighter Fired for Refusing COVID-19 Test

The Oklahoma City Fire Department has terminated a firefighter for declining to take a COVID-19 test in compliance with department policy.

Oklahoma City (OK) Requires Police, Fire Recruits to Get COVID-19 Vaccine

The move will not affect current officers and firefighters.

Collision Causes Massive Fire at OK Gas Station

The fire started after a vehicle crashed into a fuel tanker, causing both to catch fire.

Remembering the Oklahoma City Bombing

A truck bomb ripped deep into America’s heartland Wednesday, killing at least 33 people and leaving 200 missing in a blast that gouged a nine-story hole in a federal office building.

Oklahoma City’s New Pierce Midmount Ladder Tower

Major Paul Davis provides a show-and-tell of this brand new, state-of-the-art piece of fire apparatus that was placed in service at Fire Station 1.

Oklahoma City Warehouse Rescue Highlights Cost of Homelessness

Rescue of woman points to the increase in the number of homeless people in Oklahoma City.

Video: Oklahoma City Warehouse Fire Rescue

Helmet camera footage from the first-arriving firefighters and then the rescue of the female who was trapped inside behind a barred window.

Rescue at Oklahoma City Warehouse Fire

Oklahoma City firefighters rescued a person trapped inside a burning warehouse.

Field Amputation at Oklahoma Industrial Site

Firefighters had to call in a surgeon who amputated the worker's arm near the shoulder in order to free him from the conveyor belt.

Oklahoma City House Fire Helmet Cam

Ride along in this helmet cam video with Engine Company 7 to a house fire.


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