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LODD Anniversary: Illinois Firefighter Killed When Engines Collide

On April 27, 2004 a firefighter died after the engine in which he was riding crashed into an engine from another department as they passed through an intersection.

LODD Anniversary: Maryland Firefighter Found with Facepiece Off Dies Days Later

The downed fire fighter was found with his gloves, helmet, hood, and facepiece removed.

LODD Anniversary: 10 Firefighters Killed in Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion

2013 blast killed 9 volunteer firefighters and injured an off-duty captain.

LODD Anniversary: Maryland Firefighter Killed, Another Wounded, in Shooting During Welfare Check

On April 15, 2016, a firefighter/paramedic was killed, and another firefighter was seriously wounded when they were shot during a check on the welfare of a citizen.

LODD Anniversary: Wind-Driven Fire Kills Two Texas Firefighters

April 12, 2009, a career probationary fire fighter and a career captain were killed when they were trapped by rapid fire progression in a wind-driven residential structure fire.

LODD Anniversary: Illinois Firefighter Killed, Another Injured, in Flashover

A search and rescue crew had made entry into the house to search for a civilian who was entrapped at the rear of the house.


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