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NIOSH: Maine Live-Fire Injury Anniversary

Minutes after the four-man crew advanced a hoseline into the mobile training trailer, an explosion occurred.

LODD Anniversary: Missouri Firefighters Killed in Collapse

Two dead and two injured on this day in 2015.

LODD Anniversary: Connecticut Firefighter Out of Air in Apartment Fire

The firefighter was found lying on his right side near the door with his foot caught in a piece of furniture.

LODD Anniversary: New York Firefighter Killed, Two Others Injured During Live Burn

Deadly results in this live fire training on this day in 2001.

LODD Anniversary: Parapet Collapse Kills Vermont Firefighter

Several things happened simultaneously during the parapet collapse at this Vermont warehouse fire in 1998.

LODD Anniversary: Louisiana Firefighter Killed in Crash

While attempting to negotiate the bend, the victim lost control of the truck.

NIOSH LODD Report: Mississippi Firefighter Killed in Crash

Engine rolled over, flipped, and crashed into a ditch.

LODD Anniversary: Bronx Dollar Store Fire

On August 27, 2006, a 43-year-old male career Lieutenant and a 25-year-old male fire fighter died after the floor they were operating on collapsed at a commercial structure fire.

LODD Anniversary: Two New York Firefighters Die in High-Rise Building Fire

The building’s standpipe system had been disconnected during the deconstruction and the partitions constructed for asbestos abatement prohibited fire fighters from getting water to the seat of the fire.

LODD Anniversary: Colorado Firefighter Drowns During Rescue in Flood Water

It was not obvious to the firefighters that she was standing at the top edge of a culvert.


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