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NIOSH: Michigan Firefighter Suffers Heart Attack After Two Fires

The firefighter admitted that he was nauseous, had a tingling sensation in his arm, and had chest pain.

LODD Anniversary: Virginia Firefighter Killed in Wind Driven Fire

With protection from hose lines, several attempts were made by the engine and rescue company crews to reach the second floor.

NIOSH: Massachusetts Firefighter Dies, Disoriented in Apartment Fire

The officer of Ladder 5 transmitted a Mayday for crews trapped on the 2nd floor.

LODD Anniversary: Ohio Firefighters Killed in Floor Collapse

The homeowner met the engine crew and stated that the fire was in the basement and everyone was out.

LODD Anniversary: Boston Back Bay Fire Tragedy

“We have a four-story with smoke showing from the first floor. Engine 33 is stretching a 1¾-inch hoseline in the front doorway.”

LODD Anniversary: Cincinnati Firefighter Killed in Fall Down Unsecured Elevator Shaft

A breakdown in crew integrity and other factors are identified by investigators.

NIOSH: California Trainee Suffers Sudden Cardiac Death During Fitness Exercise

As the trainee reached the top of the climb for a second final lap, he knelt and said he needed to catch his breath.

LODD Anniversary: Pennsylvania Firefighters Killed in Secondary, Post-Fire Collapse

Fire fighters worked for 29 minutes to free the four fire fighters trapped under the debris.

LODD Anniversary: Floor Collapse Claims New York Firefighters

After entering the structure, the floor collapsed, trapping both victims in the basement.

LODD Anniversary: Firefighter Killed in Collapse at North Carolina House Fire

A firefighter was injured and subsequently died and a captain was injured when the floor collapsed.


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