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MO Officer Dies After Being Shot Responding to Call

Independence Officer Blaize Madrid-Evans, 22, was hospitalized with critical injuries following the Wednesday morning shooting and later died.

VIDEO: Crews Battle Fire at MO Metal Shop

Firefighters battled the fire for more than four hours before finally bringing the flames under control.

Kinloch (MO) Fire Protection Volunteer Firefighter Shot in Arm While Leaving Station

The 25-year-old left the facility just before 4 a.m. and was headed toward a bus stop when two cars he didn't recognize opened fire.

Two Dead, Three Injured After House Fire in NW Kansas City, MO

2 dead, 3 others injured in Kansas City house fire that hospitalized kids.
St. Louis Fire Department

St. Louis Firefighters Responded to Nearly 500 Calls, Over 100 Fires on Fourth of...

As the St. Louis region got festive for the Fourth of July, area firefighters once again got busy.

Kansas City, Missouri Firefighters Injured in Response Crash

The fire engine was responding to a structure fire and had entered the intersection against a red light, with its lights and siren working.

Former Missouri Frat House Becomes Fire Department Training Site

The Columbia Fire Department was conducting a training exercise as part of a week-long event at the former home of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity.

St. Louis Firefighters Injured in Collapse

The firefighters were injured when a wall of a vacant home collapsed while they were checking whether anyone was inside.

Drone Helps Firefighters at Missouri Chemical Plant Fire

"They were able to use the thermal to direct the teams on the ground as to what areas needed attention, where to pull back and redirect from," Pagano explains.

Man Threatens St. Louis Firefighters with Knife at House Fire

Man starts fires, throws objects, and pulls a knife on St. Louis firefighters.


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