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Missouri Firefighters Rescue Horse Trapped in Icy Pond

Molly was slid onto a Sked and then moved into a horse trailer for transport.

Inmates Set Fires at St. Louis Jail

Dozens of law enforcement officers worked for hours before bringing the riot at the St. Louis City Justice Center under control .

Police Don Fire Gear at Kansas City Standoff

Police and firefighters worked together to extinguish the fire.

Multiple Rescues at Kansas City Fire

Dozens of calls reporting a working fire.

Rescues at St. Louis Apartment Fire

A firefighter was one of those taken to the hospital and was in serious but stable condition.

Missouri Firefighters Rescue Several People from Burning Apartment

People seen trapped in windows at Cape Girardeau apartment house.

Toddler, Infant Rescued in St. Louis Apartment Fire

Mosby said the children being behind a closed door may have saved their lives.
Joplin building firefighters fighting blaze fire

Fire at The Olivia Apartment, Joplin MO

Firefighters at work on a fire in an historic building.
Florissant Valley Fire Protection District

Missouri House Fire Helmet Cam

Ride with the Florissant Valley Fire Protection District.

USFA: Missouri On-Duty Death

While on-duty, Captain Robert “Bobby” Rocha contracted COVID-19 from a patient with a known case of COVID-19.


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