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Suspect in Minneapolis (MN) Fire Station Assault Released on Zero Bail

A Minneapolis man who attempted to run over a firefighter with his vehicle was released from custody Monday with zero bail.

Minneapolis (MN) Firefighters Protect Woman from Attack, Tackle Assailant

A 52-year-old Minnesota man faces charges after a group of firefighters stepped in to protect a woman that the man was chasing.

Minneapolis (MN) Firefighters Recovering After Porch Collapse Traps Them

Two Minneapolis firefighters had to be rescued when fighting a house fire Sunday.

Authorities Attack MN Wildfire from Air and Ground

Authorities fought a northeastern Minnesota wildfire from the air and on the ground Tuesday.

One Dead after SUV Hits Car During Minneapolis Protest

A witness said the man driving an SUV was traveling at a high rate of speed and appeared to accelerate as he got closer to demonstrators who had blocked off a street.

Riot in Minneapolis after Wanted, Armed Man Dies in Police Shooting

The man, who was in a parked car, didn't comply with law enforcement and “produced a handgun resulting in task force members firing upon the subject,”

Minneapolis Braces for Chauvin Verdict

Concrete barriers, chain-link fences and barbed wire now ring parts of downtown Minneapolis so that authorities can quickly close off the courthouse where the trial is being held.

Minneapolis Firefighters Rescue Children in House Fire

Minneapolis firefighters rescue two children from a house fire on Tuesday.

Fridley, Minnesota Fire Chief Dies Unexpectedly

Chief Spencer passed away Saturday evening.

Minneapolis Firefighters Criticize Chief’s Response to Riots, Fires

Critics say Minneapolis Fire Chief John Fruetel should have called in more firefighters and mutual aid departments.


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