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Cardiac Arrest Response Procedures During COVID-19

The pandemic the world is facing has drastically changed the way responders act upon incidents.

When Does A Fire Pump Test Header Become a Wall Hydrant for Firefighting?

This video examines how Miami-Dade Fire Rescue (MDFR) uses a fire pump test header manifold as a water source.

How to Improvise a Cleveland or Coil Load for Standpipe Operations

This procedure may be necessary when the length of a hallway is insufficient to fully stretch hose for standpipe operations.

Stream Testing: Deflection into the Fire Room

Miami-Dade Fire rescue testing stream deflection off the door frame and into the fire room.

COVID-19: Miami Dade Fire Rescue Face Coverings

A simple DIY method to create a homemade cloth face covering.

Six Injured in Chain-Reaction Crash with Miami Dade Fire Engine

At least six people were injured in a chain-reaction crash involving a Miami-Dade fire engine.

Miami Dade Drone Use

Miami Dade Fire Rescue shows how they use a drone for fireground reconnaissance.

Fire Department Connection Tandem Pumping

This video will examine how to use the combined discharge pressures of two fire department pumpers to achieve the pressures necessary to fight fires on the upper floors of high rise buildings.

Operation Tango

Multi-agency drill at Miami International Airport.

Miami Dade 2” Hoseline High-Rise Hallway Deployment

A quick and efficient method of hose deployment and advancement.


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