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Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shooting Revealed Need for First Responder Training and Support

The chaos left lingering trauma and led local agencies to reexamine the services and preparation available to local rescuers.

Columbus Pilot Program Determines First Responder or Social Worker Response for 911 Calls

Columbus will test a program to send either first responders or social workers and clinicians on certain 911 calls dealing with mental health and substance abuse.

San Francisco Mayor Proposes ‘Wellness’ Teams to Respond to Mental Health Calls

"Many calls to 911 or 311 about someone who appears to need help on our streets don't require an armed police response, and often the services and care people need would be best provided by a paramedic or outreach worker instead of a police officer."

Help is Not Help, Unless it’s Helpful

If you provide a list of resources (digital resource listings, EAP, insurance carriers, hotlines, and the like), vet it first.

Former Delaware Firefighter Blames Job-Related PTSD for Possessing Child Pornography

Attorney told a judge at a plea hearing Wednesday that job-related post-traumatic stress disorder caused Leonetti to fall into pornography “as a way of self-medicating,"

Santa Fe Prepares Launch of Alternative Response Unit for Low-Threat 911 Calls

New unit brings police officer, paramedic, behavioral health caseworker, and social worker to mental health calls.

U.S. Suicides Dropped Nearly 6% in 2020

Officials expect a substantial decline will endure, despite worries that COVID-19 could lead to more suicides.

Straight Talk with Dr. Sara Jahnke

Behavioral health in the fire service, the value and perils of dark humor, lessons for leadership, compassion, and more.

Prescott, Arizona Mourns Sudden Loss of Young Firefighter

Chief Light reported Firefighter Seets' death as a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Kansas First Responders Face Limited Help with PTSD

Kansas is one of a shrinking minority of states that doesn't extend workers compensation for post-traumatic stress to first responders.


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