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Mayday for a Collapse at Brooklyn Fire

Listen as a mayday is called when a collapse happens in the rear.

Mayday for Engine Captain at Pennsylvania House Fire

Dover Township firefighter through floor.

Mayday for Webster, MA Firefighter in Shop Fire

A mayday is called for a downed firefighter at a Webster auto body shop fire.

Mayday at Fairfield, Connecticut House Fire

A mayday was transmitted during a house fire in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Mayday Called in Delaware House Fire

A firefighter is quickly rescued after he falls through the floor and into the basement.

Pittsburgh Firefighters Injured in Collapse

“We went from an offensive interior attack and we transitioned after the interior collapse that trapped a couple of our men,”

Utica, NY Deputy Chief Injured in Collapse

Utica deputy chief is caught in a stairway collapse.

Houston Firefighters Injured in Fall During Apartment Fire

Two firefighters were hurt after falling through a hole on the second floor or a burning apartment building.

Prosecutor Files Charges in Explosion that Injured LAFD Firefighters

Owner of the building faces up to 68 years in jail and thousands of dollars in fines if convicted.

Firefighters Burned in Los Angeles Blaze Share Recovery Stories

Firefighters burned in a May smoke shop fireball are reunited with doctors and nurses and share their recovery stories.


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