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Wichita Firefighters Save One of Their Own at House Fire

Two firefighters carried him out of the home within 20 seconds, but he had no pulse and wasn't breathing.

Mayday at Connecticut House Fire, Firefighters Fall Through Floor

During firefighting operations two firefighters on the second floor fell through the floor and a mayday was called.

Mayday at Baltimore House Fire

He was removed and transported to Shock Trauma in stable condition.

Close Calls at Fresno House Fire

Fresno house fire close calls are a reminder of the fire that almost claimed a captain in 2015.

Lessons Learned: Loudoun County, Virginia’s Meadowood Court Fire

"I've got firefighters diving out the rear of the structure."

Kingman, AZ Training: Lost, Trapped, or Disoriented

Firefighter survival training from the Kingman Fire Department.

New Haven Firefighter Dead, Three Hurt in Morning Fire

Officials said a total of four firefighters were injured. One has died from injuries sustained.

Firefighter Down at Staten Island Blaze

EMS is requested to the front for a downed firefighter at this Staten Island townhome fire.

Collapse and Mayday at Queens Store Fire

Firefighters were inside the back of a barbershop when the burning ceiling gave way.

LODD Anniversary: Ohio Firefighters Killed in Floor Collapse

The homeowner met the engine crew and stated that the fire was in the basement and everyone was out.


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