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Hoarding Encountered During Rescue at Massachusetts Fire

Middleborough firefighters rescued two people in a house fire.

Multiple Rescues at Cambridge Apartment Fire

Firefighters fight a fire on the third floor of a Cambridge apartment building.

Rescue at Haverhill, MA House Fire

Occupants and firefighters rescue a man during a fire in a rooming house in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

No Child Died in a Fire in Massachusetts in 2020

The office has researched records dating to the 1940s.

Worcester Fire Department to Forgo Recruit Academy, Focus on Officer Training

Brownouts might be on the horizon for the Worcester Fire Department.

Fire Destroys Brewster, MA House

Firefighters from three departments respond to a house fire in Brewster, Massachusetts.

Worcester Working Fire

Worcester Ladder 7 squeezes in to get a shot at this fire.

Mayday for Webster, MA Firefighter in Shop Fire

A mayday is called for a downed firefighter at a Webster auto body shop fire.

Somerville, MA Fire and Rescue Audio

Audio from the three plus-alarm fire in Somerville, MA.

Massachusetts Firefighters Union Slams State’s COVID-19 Vaccination Plan

State is leaving vaccinations of first responders up to the local boards of health.


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