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Odd Job: Manhattan Water Tower Fire

The FDNY responds to a burning water tower on the Upper West Side.

Videos: Midtown Manhattan Penthouse Fire

Fire in the walls of a penthouse on the 16th floor.

Fire Showing in Manhattan

Fire on the third and fourth floors of an apartment building in Manhattan.

Manhattan All-Hands Box 1794

FDNY on the scene of a top floor apartment fire in Manhattan.

Seven Hurt in Manhattan Dining Area, Fruit Stand Crash

A van collided with a car, crashing into an outdoor dining structure, before crashing into a fruit stand.

Two-Alarm Fire at Manhattan Box 758

Fire in the rear on the second floor of a commercial structure.

Fire on Two Floors in Manhattan

Transmitting the second-alarm for fire on the second- and third floors at a commercial structure in Manhattan.

Four Convicted in ’93 WTC Bombing Have Sentences Reduced

Once each sentenced to 240 years in prison, appeals have won them sentence deductions

Fire on Two Floors at Harlem Apartment Building

Watch as a firefighter removes his SCBA to slip past the fire and then enter the adjoining apartment.

Remembering the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing

A look back as AP reported it 27 years ago.


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