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Fire on the Fourth Floor in Manhattan

Fire on the fourth floor at Box 1744 - 602 West 180th Street.

Ladder 26 Takes a Window in Harlem

FDNY at an All-Hands fire in a multiple dwelling on Lenox Avenue in Harlem.

Cellar Fire in Harlem Mosque

FDNY fights and All-Hands fire in a mosque at Box 1546.

Hoarding Slows Rescues in Fatal Manhattan Fire

“One of our impediments to our fire operation was the fact that there was a large amount of contents in the apartment,"

Clutter Delays Searches at Manhattan Fire

Multiple calls for people trapped in a fire at Manhattan Box 1128.

Three-Alarm Ductwork Fire in Manhattan

Watch the FDNY at work on a three-alarm fire involving ductwork in a five-story building in Manhattan.

Fire on Two Floors in Manhattan

Fire on two floors of a four-story mixed occupancy on Park Avenue.

Outside the Box Positioning at Harlem Fire

Ladder Company 14 takes time to position and reach the fire building at this All-Hands fire in Harlem on April 13, 2021.

Rescue, Shelter in Place at Manhattan High-Rise Fire

The occupant of 18C is sheltering in place on the balcony with members.

Manhattan Four-Alarm Fire

Fire on the 6th floor of a 6 story 100x200 H-type MD.


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