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West Hollywood Apartment Fire

Firefighters went into the offensive mode and were able to knock down a contents fire.

L.A. County EMS Told to Conserve Oxygen, Don’t Transport Patients with Little Chance of...

Crews should conserve oxygen by administering it only to patients who had oxygen saturation levels below 90%.

Westmont, California Structure Fire

Watch Los Angeles County firefighters at work.

California Firefighters Rescue Girl Trapped in Apartment Fire

A young girl hid inside a bathtub during an apartment fire in Pomona.

Los Angeles County Commercial Structure Fire

Firefighters respond to a rubbish fire and find a commercial structure fire.

Therapy Dogs Join L.A. County Fire Department

Echo has already given support to firefighters deployed to the Bobcat Fire.

Los Angeles City and County Firefighters Battle Pallet Yard Fire

Blaze in a 300’ x 500’ yard involving several outbuildings.

The Deck Gun: L.A. County Fire Department Training

The Los Angeles County Fire Department presents a video series in the effective use of the deck gun.

L.A. County House Fire

Fire companies in the 15th Battalion respond to a house fire in Pomona, California.

Expect Victims

Two recent fatal fires in Los Angeles County should serve to remind us that in this stay-at-home time finding victims may occur more often than before.


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