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Los Angeles County Commercial Structure Fire

Exterior operations for a fire in an abandoned building.

L.A. County USAR Team Relies on Lessons Learned to Prepare for Disasters

"L.A. County was number one for the probability to have the most devastating and dangerous natural disasters."

West Hollywood Apartment Fire

Firefighters went into the offensive mode and were able to knock down a contents fire.

L.A. County EMS Told to Conserve Oxygen, Don’t Transport Patients with Little Chance of...

Crews should conserve oxygen by administering it only to patients who had oxygen saturation levels below 90%.

Westmont, California Structure Fire

Watch Los Angeles County firefighters at work.

California Firefighters Rescue Girl Trapped in Apartment Fire

A young girl hid inside a bathtub during an apartment fire in Pomona.

Los Angeles County Firefighters Find Gruesome Discovery at Gas Leak

Firefighters find decapitated children while investigating a gas leak.

Los Angeles County Commercial Structure Fire

Firefighters respond to a rubbish fire and find a commercial structure fire.

Los Angeles County Fire Captain Files Lawsuit in Kobe Bryant Crash Photo Investigation

“Imbrenda had an impeccable reputation in the Southern California PIO community with extensive earning potential in his post fire service career,”

Ballot Box Set on Fire in Los Angeles County

Firefighters tried to save ballots in Baldwin Park arson.


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