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Live Fire Training in Jeanette, Pennsylvania

Firefighters from several fire departments got a hands-on commercial building fire training in Jeannette.

Live Fire Training in Seattle

Seattle Fire conducts live burn training so that their recruits can practice fire fighting techniques in a realistic but controlled scenario.

Research: Heat Release Rate Characterization of NFPA 1403 Compliant Training Fuels

While NFPA 1403 provides detail about the types of fuel that can be used, it offers less definitive guidance about the quantity of fuel.

NIOSH LODD Report: Oklahoma Trainee Dies From Hyperthermia After Live-Fire Training

The weather was hot and humid with a heat index of 97°.

LODD Anniversary: Maryland Probationary Firefighter Dies in Live Fire Training

The instructor called for more line and the back-up firefighter had to reach through the flames to attempt to pull the hose around the corner of the stairs.

NIOSH: Maine Live-Fire Injury Anniversary

Minutes after the four-man crew advanced a hoseline into the mobile training trailer, an explosion occurred.

LODD Anniversary: New York Firefighter Killed, Two Others Injured During Live Burn

Deadly results in this live fire training on this day in 2001.

Virginia Implements Cancer Reduction Efforts for Firefighters by Prohibiting Use of Engineered Wood Products...

The Virginia Department of Fire Programs (VDFP) today announced updates to its Live Fire Training Policy that includes the prohibition of the use of oriented strand board (OSB) containing PMDI.

Live Fire Training in Sacramento

A profile of live fire training and related container training information.


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