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LION Totalcare to Become First Fully Verified ISP to Offer CO2 Cleaning in Partnership...

It's the first fully verified ISP to offer CO2 Cleaning to the fire service.

Fire Smoke: The Hidden Dangers

June 4: Discussion includes the hidden dangers, overcoming complacency, smoke toxicity, air management, atmospheric monitoring, personal protective equipment care and maintenance, firefighter washing down and decon, and emerging options for improving health and training and policies.

Firefighter Protective Clothing and Equipment: Exploring the Limits

March 25: Does the replacement of natural materials with synthetic materials affect the firefighters? Does the thermal protective performance rating of the gear affect tactical capabilities? Does work station wear impact the effective thermal protective performance of PPE?
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FDIC Product Network Week 2 Recap

PPE coverage from head to toe, as well as storage and cleaning, with MSA, Ready Rack, and LION.

FDIC Product Network: LION

Wednesday, January 13 at 2:00 PM ET


Here is the latest in reading smoke as a strategic, tactical, and task-level skill. Like any skill, reading smoke improves with practice. Integrated use of live incidents, recent scientific data, as well as “best...


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