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FDNY Chief Critical of Hiring Efforts Settles Lawsuit with City

Gala wrote the pieces during the long and bitter battle between the FDNY and the Vulcan Society, a group of Black firefighters who sued the department over discrimination and eventually won.

Female Lincoln Firefighter Alleges Captain Abandoned Crew in Fire in Retaliation

When her team followed him in the warehouse, she said, Mahler suddenly walked away and left them "without communication, assignment or direction on how or where to proceed."

Orange County Fire Authority’s First Female Pilot Files Discrimination Lawsuit

Lawsuit alleges that since Horton joined the Orange County agency from Cal Fire in 2019, she was subject to "unfair scrutiny by the male pilots, crew chiefs and helicopter technicians."

Video Shows North Carolina Firefighter Pulling Gun on Driver

A witness said she saw DeLeon drive full-speed at the crash site and tried to get around the fire truck by driving onto the median. She said she then saw the firefighter with the gun drawn.

Labor Agreement Address Racial Bias in Kansas City Fire Department

The department's proposed contract with Local 42 would end a practice that often excluded Black firefighters from choice assignments at busy stations.

Court Rules Health Department Can’t Revoke License from EMT with Decades-Old Child Sex Convictions

McCullough concluded that Hynes’ old criminal record reflects “an isolated incident, and does not relate to his present character to function as an EMT.

San Francisco Assistant Chief Sues City Over Discrimination, “Good Old Boys” Club

"A culture of corruption, sexism, homophobia and sexism prevalent" within the fire department,"

Denver Pays $100,000 to Female Firefighter Recorded While Changing

Investigators found one video of the woman changing on the device's memory card, along with still images.

Muslim San Antonio Firefighter Told to Remove Prayer Cap, Cover Tattoos

San Antonio firefighter files a federal complaint against three supervisors based on religious discrimination.

Family Sues New Haven Over Fatal, Illegal Rooming House Fire

One person died in a fire in New Haven, Connecticut where code violations were found months earlier.


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