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Video Shows North Carolina Firefighter Pulling Gun on Driver

A witness said she saw DeLeon drive full-speed at the crash site and tried to get around the fire truck by driving onto the median. She said she then saw the firefighter with the gun drawn.

EMS Today 2022 Call for Presentations

We are looking for innovative sessions our attendees won’t find at any other conference.

New Haven Union Hits City Leadership Over Unsafe Conditions

When asked if the fire may have had a different outcome had there been a chief of operations on the scene Cannon stated, “We were warned to not go there. I’m going there. Yes.”

Training Keeps Volunteer and Career Firefighters on the Same Level in Oklahoma Fire Department

"We hold our volunteers to a higher standard, as our fire is just as hot for a full-time and volunteers, so we train them to the same level and our expectations are the same,"

Bill Expands Medical Conditions in Wake of New York Line of Duty Death

The Chief James Brooks Jr. Act would create a presumption of coverage under the Volunteer Firefighters' Benefit Law for vascular ruptures suffered in the line of duty, in the same way that heart attacks are covered.

Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shooting Revealed Need for First Responder Training and Support

The chaos left lingering trauma and led local agencies to reexamine the services and preparation available to local rescuers.

Denver Firefighter Arrested for Child Pornography, Dead

Trujillo was arrested Wednesday at Denver Fire Station 36 after investigators received a tip from the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

Rochester Union Says Ambulance Delay is Cause to Switch to Fire-based EMS

Santiago says a solution here could be a fire-based EMS service, and help take the stress off the system.

Billings, Montana Uses Study to Consider Response and EMS Changes

The Billings Fire Department is examining how it responds to its ever-increasing number of service calls, looking for ways to be more efficient and more responsive.

Owensboro, KY Fire Department Plans Firehouse Expansion

The Owensboro Fire Department will expand the size of its east side station, with the work beginning this year, and is studying how to modernize its fire training center.


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