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Delaware SWAT Uses Fire Department Ladder Truck to Rescue People in Standoff

SWAT officers used a ladder truck from the Wilmington Fire Department to enter the apartment.

Fire Showing from the Second Floor in Durham

Views from the Engine, Quint, and Ladder at this apartment fire in Durham.

Pennsylvania Firefighters Commended for Attempts to Save Girl in House Fire

Hoffman then arrived, who began to work to contain the fire to the first floor while Bukofski searched for Miller. Kowalski helped Bukofski remove Miller.

Ladder Rescue Critique

I have never conducted a rescue before, so naturally I was very amped up with the report of victims and then identifying one in the window.

Fire in the Cockloft in Brooklyn

Firefighters face fire in the cockloft threatening the exposures at this fire in Brooklyn.

Training Credited in Rescue of 11 in Wisconsin Apartment Fire

The fire had started on the second floor, making evacuation difficult for some people on the second and third floors.

Multiple Rescues at Washington, D.C. Apartment Fire

D.C. firefighters rescued several people during an apartment fire in Northwest.

Rescues at Massachusetts Fire and “Animal MCI”

A man was trapped in a third-floor bedroom and jumped onto the ladder as soon as it was placed below the window.

Young Chicago Girl Tosses Mattress Then Jumps to Escape Fire

One child escapes and two others are rescued during an apartment fire in Chicago.

Green Bay Firefighters Rescue Four People in Apartment Fire

Fire officials say the occupants were asleep in their bedrooms and that closed bedroom doors helped make the rescue a success.


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