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Bridgeport, Connecticut Two-Alarm Fire

Fireground Images video of a two-alarm fire on Oliver Street.

A New Pierce Velocity® 100’ Aerial Platform for Pasadena, Texas

Take a tour of the new fire truck coming to Pasadena, Texas.

Towers and Straight Sticks at Work

Firefighters battle a commercial structure fire in Pottsville, Pennsylvania.

Buffalo Grove, Illinois’ New E-ONE HP 100 Quint Platform

Buffalo Grove’s new 100’ tower comes with a 300-gallon tank and 2,000 gpm pump.

DeLand, Florida’s New Pierce Arrow XTâ„¢ Ascendant® 100’ Tower

Engineer Nate Carn shows us his department’s new fire truck

Oklahoma City’s New Pierce Midmount Ladder Tower

Major Paul Davis provides a show-and-tell of this brand new, state-of-the-art piece of fire apparatus that was placed in service at Fire Station 1.

Tulsa Three-Alarm Commercial Structure Fire

Tulsa firefighters use master streams to fight a commercial structure fire next to the Marshall Brewing Company.

Field Amputation at Oklahoma Industrial Site

Firefighters had to call in a surgeon who amputated the worker's arm near the shoulder in order to free him from the conveyor belt.

Elkhart, Indiana’s New Sutphen Midmount Tower

This truck company is ready to go to work with 235 ft. of ground ladder and 100 ft. of mid-mount aerial prowess.

Tower and Snorkel at Work on Chicago Fire

Tower 39, Snorkel Squad 5, and other fire trucks at work on a fire in Chicago.


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