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Kansas City, Missouri Firefighters Injured in Response Crash

The fire engine was responding to a structure fire and had entered the intersection against a red light, with its lights and siren working.

Labor Agreement Address Racial Bias in Kansas City Fire Department

The department's proposed contract with Local 42 would end a practice that often excluded Black firefighters from choice assignments at busy stations.

Jury Awards $2.4M to Former Kansas Firefighter in Discrimination Case

Black firefighters were frequently moved into one fire station, often passed over for promotions and were not actively recruited to work for a department serving a racially diverse city.

Black Firefighters Testify About Race Issues in Kansas City Fire Department

The trial is testing competing evidence and conflicting testimony between Harris and Unified Government officials.

Police Don Fire Gear at Kansas City Standoff

Police and firefighters worked together to extinguish the fire.

Multiple Rescues at Kansas City Fire

Dozens of calls reporting a working fire.

Kansas City Union Calls for Removal of Fire Chief

Union leaders raised concerns about increased emergency response times "due to poor decisions and bad policy."

Kansas City Considers Outside Lawyers in Racism, Harassment Probe

Investigation detailed decades of systemic racism and sexism tolerated by KCFD and City Hall officials.

USFA: Missouri On-Duty Death

While on-duty, Captain Robert “Bobby” Rocha contracted COVID-19 from a patient with a known case of COVID-19.

Ground Broken for Memorial to Fallen Kansas City Firefighters

Developers break ground on the site of a 2015 fire that killed two Kansas City firefighters.


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