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Humpday Hangout: Developing Incident Commanders

What is your department doing to train officers for incident command?

Harrisburg, PA: House Fire with Report of Jumpers

Harrisburg firefighters are alerted to a house fire on Vernon Street with a reported of people jumping out of the windows.

Minneapolis Firefighters Criticize Chief’s Response to Riots, Fires

Critics say Minneapolis Fire Chief John Fruetel should have called in more firefighters and mutual aid departments.

National Fireman’s Journal Podcast with Rick Lasky

Bobby and Rick discuss command, training, and tradition.

Through the Floor: Glendale, CA Mayday, After Action Report

The Glendale Fire Department mayday after action report of a fire in January where two firefighters fell into the basement.

COVID-19: Emergency Management Lessons Learned

We have developed and strengthened relationships that will carry us beyond the Coronavirus pandemic and into the future, making us bigger, better and stronger than ever before.

Audio: Los Angeles Boyd Street Fire and Mayday

Multiple firefighters injured in an explosion at a hash oil manufacturer in downtown Los Angeles.

Tennessee Fire Chief Abandons Command Post for Mayday, Posts Apology on Facebook

Dayton Fire Chief Charles Suttles admits to leaving the command post to search for a firefighter who fell through the roof of a commercial structure.

Command View: Newark, OH Commercial Structure Fire

Newark, Ohio firefighters respond to a commercial structure fire. See the incident from the view of the command post.

Rural Command

A look at the challenges of rural fireground command in this online training with the Illinois Fire Service Institute.


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