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Humpday Hangout: All Things Dispatch

Join Rick Lasky, Terry McGrath, and the group as they discuss those behind the console. We're talking all things Dispatch.

Humpday Hangout: High-Rise Firefighting

A live discussion with Bill Gustin’s group and special guest Lieutenant Jim Davis of the Chicago Fire Department.

Humpday Hangout: Training During This Crisis

Wondering what to do during the virus?

Humpday Hangout: Handling Construction Accidents & Working with Private Safety Officers

A Focus on Firefighter Health and Safety discussion.

Humpday Hangout: Focus on Fire Service Issues and Concerns

What are you doing during this time of crisis?

Humpday Hangout: Innovations in Safety and Vehicle Fires

Innovative procedures to increase firefighter safety and how firefighters can access Department of Transportation roadway cameras to pinpoint the location of accidents and vehicle fires.

Humpday Hangout: On-Scene Reports & How to Get Them Right

This week’s discussion panel looks at training for giving the proper on-scene report.

Humpday Hangout: Radios and Strategic Planning

Join the panel as they discuss their experiences and strategies using radios.

Humpday Hangout: Fire Attack, Knowing Your Weapon

This week’s discussion looks at water supply and fire attack.

Humpday Hangout: High-Rise Fire Intelligence and Strategy

Join Jack Murphy and Danny Sheridan as they discuss high-rise building intelligence and strategy.


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