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Saving the Volunteer Fire Department

Learn how a live-in program can improve the recruitment and retention of volunteer firefighters.

The Core Values of the Fire Service

A discussion on the core values of the fire service, and training on ethics, excellence, and leadership.

Mobile Home and RV Fires

Consider some of the problems associated with fires in mobile homes and recreational vehicles.

Company Officer Decision Making

A discussion about training company officers on the decision making process, including the OODA loop and situational awareness.

Bailouts and Firehouse Dust

Two different topics: a bailout at a 2018 fire in San Antonio, Texas, and recent research regarding chemicals found at fire stations.

Portable Monitor Master Stream Devices

Take a look at relatively small, single 2 1/2- inch inlet master stream devices.

Heart Health, Firefighter Fatalities, and Fitness

The American fire service has struggled for years with firefighters succumbing to cardiac events.

Getting Firefighters Back to Work after COVID-19

The medical complications of COVID-19 as they relate to firefighters as well as the stress of COVID-19 on the healthcare system.

PFAS and Firefighter PPE

A discussion about forever chemicals in firefighter PPE and IAFF Resolution 28.

Prolonged Vehicle Extrication & Pre-Fire Intelligence

Extrication and pre-fire intelligence in this discussion.


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